Pay Dirt: Sweat the Small Stuff
Star Tribune, 09.08.05

Remainders: Even Joey Potter Needs a Resume
Gawker, 06.24.05

The Buzz List
Excite, 10.01.04

Site Seeing
St. Petersburg Times, 08.23.04

Yahoo! Picks
Yahoo!, 08.14.04

Work In Progress: Battle of the Boomer Bulge
The Wall Street Journal, 06.09.04

Top 50 Web sites for the post-college grad
Rebel Yell, UNLV, 05.06.04

Webzine helps 20somethings navigate the real world
Home News Tribune, 04.04.04

Web publisher chronicles post-college life
The Star-Ledger, 03.04.04

This novel lets reader plot twists
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 01.11.04

Twentysomething Writer Hatches Plan for New Web Site
The Tampa Tribune, 10.24.03

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